Hey, we are Launchbox, we deliver scalable, plug and play visual identities for startups, crispy on the side and hot on the inside.


  1. Check a set of deliverables for your new identity from a simple list

  2. Hop on a 30 min call with us to formulate your project

  3. Get your kit for a fixed budget/time so you could kick off your project asap

Case 1.

Buntings — local bruncheria


Launchbox created a heart-felt style for our restaurant, guests keep mentioning how they like it — Daria, Buntings owner


Case 2. 🔒 Super app for pet care


We are super excited about the new brand and I personally can't wait for it to become a reality! — Pavel, co-founder


Case 3.

Rawsie — RAW compressing app for photographers